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Dogs Of Our Lives (The Blog)

Dogs Of Our Lives (The Blog)

Dogs of Our Lives started as a series of Facebook posts about Bear on JaemiO’s personal Facebook page. Without realizing it Bear’s Tall Mom frequently posted about the cute, not-so-cute, and odd things the furry family member got into.

Baby Bear in Mommy's Chair

In 2020 the Grant-Lewis’ discovered Bear had a secret girlfriend named Maggie, thanks to Frankenberry their nosey cat (often referred to as Mrs. Kravitz). Much to Bear’s mom’s surprise, the posts gained a strong following among friends and family. Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe it was a general love of pets, the Grant-Lewis’ aren’t quite sure; but they noticed a real love for Bear, Maggie, and all the pets on or visiting the Homestead. Our blog continues this loveable story of Bear and his friends.

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